This Week’s Intimations:

  • Services now taking place Sundays at 11am. If you wish to connect with us please visit our Facebook page (linked from the home page of this website) or if you have any questions, email Be safe & God Bless.
  • Spectacles/Mobiles – With HMRS closing, Margaret is no longer accepting Spectacles and mobiles for recycling.
  • Batteries – recycling points are available at Tesco, B&Q, etc.
  • Stamps – Used stamps are still being collected for charity – box is at reception.
  • 1 Day in May: Choose a day in May to Fast & Pray for the Fellwship. Our focus is praying for family, friends, and the local community.Through our prayer time on Sunday evenings, we have been reminded of a word received a number of years ago to pray for 1% of Cumbernauld to be reached, there is more detail about this from the message on Sunday 24th May. If you would like to join us to fast and pray One day in May, there are a few dates available (14th,19th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 27th, 28th) if these dates do not suit, you are welcome to pray any chosen day. (please email me (Alan) your chosen date as I can fill calendar in) Having a purpose and focus after enduring the last 2 years of restrictions on fellowship gives us the opportunity to begin connecting again with the community and seeking God to restore what has been lost.
  • A video which gives a very good explanation on the purpose of fasting is available on the link below(7 mins long), you will find it helpful if you are intending to fast.

Ongoing Intimations

  • Encounter: Prayer time in the café every Sunday evening, 6.30-8.00pm.
  • Housegroups (Virtual): Take place Tuesday/Wednesday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm. Log in details have been sent via email.
  • Offering Baskets: Despite reduction in COVID restrictions the offering baskets will remain on the stage. Please place your offering in the basket at the beginning or end of the service. This is to reduce movement during the service.
  • Upcoming Project for Africa – with Julien moving to full time ministry for Mama Africa, he is going to be organising collections for Laptops/Phones/Tablets, to be repurposed to support Pastors in Africa. Watch this space.
  • Thinking of starting or developing a business? Melanie West has a new job helping businesses in Cumbernauld progress. She is looking for females between 18 and 30 at the moment in new businesses or thinking of starting one to participate in a free course to help progress them. Please contact Malanie for more info. Her details are email and phone is 07552870689.

NB. Intimations can be submitted using form on Admin Desk or by emailing