This Week’s Intimations

  • New Tea Rota: displayed in kitchen. If you need to make changes, or want to help, contact Lesley Taggart.
  • Communion Flower Rota– List is on the admin desk for those willing to take a turn supplying the flowers on Communion (1st) Sundays.
  • WhatsApp group set up for ‘Prayer for Africa’ – see Julien/Vivianne for details.
  • Stamps: Box is on reception desk for used stamps, which raise money for charity.

Ongoing Intimations

  • Tool Library: Teri Smith now has Tool Library up and running. However fewer people have joined than had said they would, so please help with recruitment drive. Membership is £50/year (£35 concession) for unlimited borrowing and £20 (£15 Concession) for up to 5 items. It operates from the Community space in the Antonine Centre. Also contact Teri if you are available/willing to help out – this may include Saturday mornings, if that suits better.
  • Rend Collective: are playing concert in Glasgow on 23rd October, 2020. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Contact Craig for further details.
  • Fellowship Introduction Leaflet: A new leaflet has now been produced to tell people who we are. these are kept on the admin desk. Please feel free to take some to distribute to family/friends/neighbours.
  • Recycling: If you have Old Mobile Phones (supports Marie Curie fund), Old Spectacles (Supports 3rd World Countries) or old batteries, please pass to Margaret/Tom Muir for Charity/Recycling.

NB. Intimations can be submitted using form on Admin Desk or by emailing